Be not frightened, there

Be not frightened, there Now play in povtoryalka.

Let the child tries to copy speed and a timbre of a voice of the teacher, repeating behind it phrases.

After a while you receive fine result.

The child will well hear and understand that she speaks.

Karmic tasks The child faces this subject in society not for the first time.

Earlier he could test it in kindergarten.

Be not frightened, there is no sorcery or something awful.

All the matter is that in each family there are problems and tasks.

For the solution of these tasks certain Souls also gather to families.

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Kinesiology Use the TV, the computer.

Even the telephone set is improved.

You constantly rise before need to change, be trained.

Undoubtedly, there are the methods, allowing to unblock our ability which we refused once because of fear or a stress.

In the book A curative touch.

Kinesiology I described the fine method helping many.

However it is better to protect the children from problems which can limit their ability to training.

Each parent can make it.

It is enough to monitor the behavior, be reserved and to love the child.

Sexual educationMany parents are frightened by this subject.

Some believe that everything is reduced to conversation about monthly and a night ejaculation at boys.

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Jaundice the liver

Jaundice the liverRespiratory ways system of ways of the human body carrying out air, including a nasal cavity, a throat, a trachea, bronchial tubes, .

Eustachian tube the anatomic education connecting an internal ear to a throat.

Jaundice the liver disease, being shown a pozhelteniye of belochny covers of eyes, an icteric prokrashivaniye of skin and allocation of dark urine.

Disease a condition, being accompanied a number of symptoms and violation of good health.

Hiccups suddenly arising start, being accompanied the characteristic sound, resulting a spasm of a diafragmalny muscle.

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With the points

With the points and caused by frustration of the normal functioning of psychophysiological mechanisms of speech activity.

With the points of view of the communicative theory of N of river are violations of the verbal communications.

Nonspeaking bezrechevy the child the child who is not using active speech.

Nonverbal physical hearing this catching on hearing and differentiation various sounds of world around except sounds of human speech, distinction sounds on loudness, and also definition of a source and the sound direction.

The general motility movements and actions all over.

The general nedorazvity speeches various difficult speech frustration, at which at children formation of all components of speech system is broken, to relating to sound and semantic aspect.

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There is an extensive

There is an extensive There is an extensive literature, a stirrup to solve only one question whether the child is borntubercular parents already sick, only with predrassituation or catches after the birth Acceptedwhether we in attention when thought of heredity,following simple facts that, except transfer on on to sledstvo of diseases, there is a transfer by inheritancegood health; that brothers and sisters are notbrothers and sisters on pluses received by them and mi, to stocks of health and its defects Did not acceptAnd should and were obliged to accept.

The first rebenka healthy parents give birth; the second already will be rebenlump of syphilitics if parents fell ill with this illness;the third the child of syphiliticstuberkuleznikov, ifparents caught also tuberculosis.

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